Constant Care

We take extreme pride in giving you the best experience possible. We appreciate your business and as a small business we are committed to excellence. We have gone to great lengths to hire and train the best personnel to schedule, handle, and complete your delivery & installation.

As you may be aware, installations and delivery of appliances can be difficult and challenging. We do all we can to be prepared for all situations. If a situation arises with your Installation, or Delivery that needs VIP White Glove attention; we appreciate your patience as we work through the challenge or questions.

If you have concerns about the quality of your installation/delivery, or any questions of backorders/pending installation completions or "use and care", we are prepare to resolve quickly all your concerns.

For this reason we have a Constant Care Department for you this department is a convenient option for you to contact us with anything that you may need so we can get it resolved right away. You can either contact us 24/7 by email, or Contact us 24/7 by phone (650) 679-3150. Both options will be addressed same or next business day. 

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