Culinary education nestled in the heart of the Peninsula! Explore Culinary Arts Cooking school is a communal space for a relaxed cooking experience and a culinary destination for COOKING CLASSES, corporate TEAM BUILDING events, POP-DINNER tastings, and lots more ~ where everyone is welcome to Gather. Create. Taste.

Chef Teena and her team of guest chefs draw inspiration from the vibrancy of their native cultures, in the spirit of India, Germany, France, and the U.S., while imparting confidence in the kitchen by teaching iron clad preparation & organizational skills. We think you’ll be fond of them and their gastronomic creations, artistry, and passion!

We create bonds in the kitchen!

From Stove to Table we invite you to create world-class recipes and a sumptuous meal with Explore Culinary Arts in our snazzy & sophisticated kitchen @ Atherton Appliance & Kitchens! Every plate is a cuisine-defining balance of sweet & savory temptations prepared and consumed in a congenial setting. The evening’s exclusive gourmet menu is truly a gastronomic experience that doesn't only delight a stomach, but stimulates & feeds the creative mind.

The cooking classes will introduce you to unique spices, regional flavors, the best of California produce, seasonal recipes, international & modern techniques, cooking ergonomics, and tips & tricks of the trade!

Explore Culinary Arts is pleased to offer an exclusive cooking & learning experience for any kind of large gathering from 4 to 25 guests. Chef Teena and her team of guest chefs are happy to craft a personalized cooking class menu for you and your guests at our table.

Be in the moment with us where we will share happiness through good food, laughter & team building!

Classes are open to cooks of all levels. Whether you are a foodie, novice cook, home and/or professional chef, there are a variety of classes to choose from! Here is a sneak peek at some of the class offerings. From private 1:1 instruction, corporate team building, industry professional advanced learning courses & skills workshops, teens cooking classes, food styling, chef demonstration classes, date nights, newly-weds cookery, cookbook clubs, meatless Mondays, menu planning, recipe development, kitchen & pantry organization, to private events & special occasions.

Students will have the unique privilege of working side-by-side with creative talents who will share their many insights and stories. It is a priceless opportunity to learn about cooking theories, tricks & tips of the trade, and the ergonomic aspect of cooking.

Experience cooking in a state of the art facility where household brand name appliances like BlueStar, Wolf, Thermador, and Fulgor are featured. We invite all enthusiastic students to partake in this intriguing & educational culinary program; Explore Culinary Arts.

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home. ENJOY LIFE!

We're so excited to cook with you and happy to answer any questions. To learn more and/or to register, simply email or call 888.882.8779.

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