The Living Kitchen

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The Living Kitchen presents Sub-Zero and Wolf products in full-scale kitchen settings with all the resources you need to create a dream kitchen of your own. What sets a Living Kitchen apart from a typical retail showroom floor is rooted in the customer’s experience, whether trade professional or end consumer.

Why the name “The Living Kitchen”?

Contrary to the implication, the products are not live in the sense that they can be cooked on. These specialize showrooms are "Living Kitchens" in that they showcase Sub-Zero and Wolf products in full–scale kitchen setting vignettes with numerous configurations on display to represent many of the most popular design options available.

The Sub-Zero and Wolf Living Kitchen is designed to be the quintessential shopping environment for consumers. Each Living Kitchen retailer aims to provide the highest-level of customer service to match the performance quality offered by these outstanding products. Guests are offered a shopping experience that supports their efforts to design and build their dream kitchen at the heart of their home. Knowledgeable staff help to ensure the right decisions are made from the outset by offering on-going support throughout the selection and sales process.

Four Reasons to Visit Our Sub-Zero & Wolf Living Kitchen

1. Work with experts who really know Sub-Zero and Wolf

A Living Kitchen allows you the opportunity to work with sales representatives who know the ins and outs of the Sub-Zero and Wolf product line. Speaking with an expert on the subject is essential. You will find the help you are looking for at a Sub-Zero and Wolf Living Kitchen.

The Living Kitchen
The Living Kitchen

2. Explore full-scale kitchens

With dedicated square footage within a dealer showroom, a Living Kitchen houses a comprehensive line of Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances showcased in full-scale kitchens. You can walk the floor of a Living Kitchen and imagine what these products will look like in your own kitchen. It's an experience worth the visit.

3. See a wide variety of design options

Choices concerning paneling, handles, knob color, or model type become easier when visitors to a Living Kitchen can walk the showroom floor to see examples first hand and discuss options with knowledgeable sales associates. With so many choices available to the consumer, the Living Kitchen is an ideal setting to explore creatively while making informed choices.

The Living Kitchen
The Living Kitchen

4. Experience hands-on shopping

The Living Kitchen is unique to typical showroom settings in that the products are live, meaning that they are hooked up to electrical to showcase how the controls work. Although the products in this setting are not intended to be used for cooking, they do provide a valuable sensory experience — they provide the chance to test-drive the controls of the products to determine ease of use.